We proudly serve clients throughout the Southeast by providing customized, high-end, kosher catering services for weddings, mitzvahs, bris and baby namings, community events and fundraisers under our full-service Kosher catering company — A Kosher Touch, Inc. — certified under the Atlanta Kosher Commission ("AKC").  

Our mission is to elevate kosher by offering the same level of exceptional food and catering services that Added Touch Catering is renowned for.  We have an impeccable reputation for providing the finest kosher catering in town with our restaurant quality food. A Kosher Touch proudly serves as the exclusive kosher caterer for many of Atlanta's premiere venues including the St. Regis Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Atlanta History Center, and more.  

The Southeast's Top

Kosher Caterer

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Atlanta Jewish Times

Readers’ Choice Awards: Best of Jewish Atlanta

Conveniently Located in the

Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta 



All products sold from the dairy division are certified kosher dairy cholov stam.



In the Meat division, all meat is glatt kosher.  Items made on the meat side are considered fleishig (meat) and cannot be eaten with items from “The Dairy Side.”

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A Kosher Touch

5342 Tilly Mill Road

Atlanta, Georgia 30338

(678) 812-3985

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Any additional questions about A Kosher Touch's certification under the Atlanta Kosher Commission can be sent to

MARINA sirota

in-house AKC mashgiach

Born and raised in formal Soviet Union, Marina discovered her passion for creative cooking and hosting at an early age. During the course of her professional life Marina tried and enjoyed many different things and realized that she should put her energy into what she enjoys doing the most -- catering beautiful events. Marina obtained degree in La Cordon Institute of Culinary Art, eventually climbing the ladder to become an Executive Chef in a premiere kosher establishment. When Marina learned of Sandra Bank's legendary catering empire, she excitedly joined the wonderful, family like team of A Kosher Touch, where she is now able to express her creativity and love for cooking with simultaneously performing  the mitzvah of helping the Jewish Community of Atlanta keep kosher.  


Marina loves working with Sandra and watching her perform miracles.  She admires her innovative and creative touch, attention to detail, and consistent excellence and feels privileged to work along Sandra’s side! In her free time, Marina enjoys spending time with her family and her three beautiful daughters. She enjoys music, reading, and learning about all the wonderful things that world has to offer and fascinating things that G-d is creating for us every moment of our lives!

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