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EVENT: Daryn Mand's Bat Mitzvah


daryn mand's bat-mitzvah

Girly, glam & gorgeous. Inspired by the beautiful bat-mitzvah girl who was even sweeter than all of the 100% edible “candy cosmetics” and “designer desserts” which were displayed to look like a real cosmetic store. When designing this dessert display we were inspired by the popular makeup and cosmetics stores Sephora and Lush and infamous makeup brands such as MAC and Kylie Cosmetics. The fun and flirty make-up theme was carried throughout the event, with the “lipstick kiss” logo and “xoxo” lipstick font drawn on mirrors.   During cocktail hour guests applied lip gloss and kissed paper cards to have “lips” read by fortune tellers, and a Roaming Poke Bar outfitted with cosmetic pump bottles with sauces had guests join in on the fun of “styling” their own poke bowl.

CATERING COORDINATOR :: Erin Lis           VENUE :: Congregation Bnai Torah        PHOTOGRAPHER :: My Life Photography

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